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​9h30 - 10h45

Céline Lévy-Leduc

Statistical methods for analyzing data coming from molecular biology


​14h00 - 15h15

Mathilde Mougeot

Statistical and machine learning methods to model and forecast energy consumption or production

​10h45 - 11h00

Coffee break

​11h00 - 11h30

Estelle Kuhn

Testing variance components in nonlinear mixed effects models. Application to plant growth modeling

​11h30 - 12h00

Emilie Devijver

Network inference for "omic" data

16h00 - 16h30

Agathe Guilloux

Sorted-L1 norm for outliers detection and robust regression for large datasets

15h30 - 16h00

Pierre Latouche

The stochastic topic block model

​15h15 - 15h30

Coffee break


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